Easter Reflection

Dear Friends,
As I reflect on the time between last Easter and this Easter, the disciples’ journey to Emmaus keeps coming to mind.
Just like the disciples, we have all had to deal with sudden and unimaginable change and loss. Most, if not all of us, have had moments of feeling defeated, downcast, and downtrodden. Yet, we journeyed on driven by our mission and beliefs.
Along the way we have spent a great deal of time talking with each other about all that has happened, the ramifications, what it all means, and what we can do about it.
While we may not have recognized it at the time, just like in the story, Jesus, Himself, came up and has walked along with us in the form of our benefactors, the Diocese, the Board, our Principals, our faculty and staff, our children and families, our friends and the community. Whether it was by listening, enlightening, supporting us, or simply accompanying us on the journey, you made it all possible. So, thank you.
As the disciples asked Jesus, I ask you, stay with us. With eyes opened and hearts burning, may we recognize Jesus in the children and families we serve in Camden and Pennsauken as we continue on our journey together.
As we celebrate Holy Week, may you experience the power of boundless faith, hope, and love, the blessings of health and happiness, the joy of Spring, and the glorious miracle of life.
John Hayden, Executive Director