A Tribute to School Principals

May 1st is National School Principals’ Day. A day to honor and remember our school principals for the FANTASTIC work they do. A school principal builds a strong foundation enabling students, teachers, and staff to be successful and learn.They discover means to provide the materials necessary that enable a quality education.

St. Cecilia’s is blessed to have Sr. Alicia Perna SSJ, as our principal. Her tireless dedication, passion, and leadership have been an inspiration as we continue through the school year. So, this is how we, spell principal - Protector, Resilient, Impactful, Noble, Comforter, Imaginative, Prayer leader, Approachable, Listener.

Thank you Sr. Alicia for being the helm of the ship, steering St. Cecilia’s as we learn to live “The Beatitudes”. We share a picture of the “Principals Prayer” by James J Metcalf: