We Salute Our Teachers

Tuesday, May 4th, is Teacher’s Day.  It is that day during Teacher Appreciation Week (May 3rd – 7th), where we thank our teachers for their dedication as educators. St. Cecilia’s would like to say thanks to our teachers. This year has been different, and these steadfast women and men stood up to the challenge. In a year where learning could be in-person every day, hybrid and/or virtual, with the possibility of changing at any time, they provided a sense of connection and stability to our students. Despite the everyday challenges of in-person and virtual students together, they adapted and developed methods to reach and engage their students as if they were all in the same room. So, this is how we, spell teacher: Thoughtful, Encouraging, Amazing, Caring, Helpful, Exceptional, Reliable. 

Thank you St. Cecilia teachers, for accepting the challenges presented this school year in particular and never giving up on our students. And, since it is May 4th, may “the fourth be with you”! We share the Teachers Prayer: