Off to a Fantastic Start!

Our students’ academics have shown bright this November. Here our awards for the first marking period:

The following students received awards:


       Caring Christian – Emmalyn C, Savannah C, Tristan C, and Liam C

Grade 1

       Caring Christian –

Grade 2

       Caring Christian –

Grade 3

       1st Honors – Tatiana A, Jaden F, Felicity McW, Aylin M, and Mia M

          2nd Honors – Ariane G, Aria H, Merida M, Raimeen H, Amor'ra J, Charlie N, Cristina R, Selena N, and Elaina Z

          Caring Christian – Merida H, Aylin M, Selena N, and Cristin R

Grade 4

          1st Honors – Amoya B, Benjamin L, Janaih P, and Katherine T

          2nd Honors – Julian A, Hannah H, Jason N, Jayden N, and Kosiso O

          Caring Christian - London C and Jayden N

Grade 5

          1st Honors – Eryanee N-A, Hayley N, Kyla McD, Veronica McW, Gregorio T, Jonathan T, and Isabella V

          2nd Honors – Olivia D, Jayden J, Carly J, Sierra S, and Nicholas V

          Caring Christian – Matthew B, Olivia D, and Kyla McD

Grade 6

          1st Honors – Krysyvl J

          2nd Honors – Anthony D, Nahmir G, Genesis M, and Rithy T

          Caring Christian – Anthony D and Kayden T

Grade 7

          2nd Honors – Yancarlos A, Venice L, Tracy N, and Marcel M

          Caring Christian –Yancarlos A and Abigail M-A

Grade 8

          1st Honors – Chanthavy T, and Richard W

          2nd Honors – Nashid G, Zenobia G, Jasmine I, Kaylin M, Landon N, and Noah P

          Caring Christian - Keyshon F and Isabella M


Congratulations on your accomplishments. What a great start to the school year. Be proud!