Congratulations to Our Stamp Design Contest Winners

On Thursday, April 27th, Mr. Mac and two of his assistants from the Merchantville Stamp Club, visited St. Cecilia School to announce the winners of the Stamp Design Contest, which was open to third, fourth, fifth, and sixth graders. Mr. Mac had previously visited our school, talking to the students about stamp collecting, showed them a power point presentation of different stamps, some of which were rare, and explained the stamp design contest.

Thursday was the big day when the design winners from each grade were given awards. Mr. Mac explained how the voting occurred. All of the submitted stamp designs were placed on display during a meeting at the Merchantville Stamp Club and their members looked at the designs and voted on the stamps.                                                        

Three stamp designs were chosen from each grade as well as a gold winner, chosen from one of the runner ups.

The following students were given wards:

Third grade: 2nd runner up – Felicity McW; 1st runner up – Ariane G; main runner up – Mia M

 Fourth grade: 2nd runner up – Sophia D; 1st runner up – Katherine T; main runner up – Janiah P

 Fifth grade: 2nd runner up – Lucas S; 1st runner up – Eryanne N-A; main runner up – Hayley N

 Sixth grade: 2nd runner up – Anthony D; 1st runner up – Nayla B; main runner up – Genesis M

 Gold winner – Janiah P

 Congratulations to all our winners and are proud of all our students who participated in this event.