Success Continues

As we close the first half of the school year, our students’ academics have continued to shine bright this January.

The following students received awards for the second marking period:

Grade 1

       Caring Christian – Jacob C, Kevin L, Breana P, and Sophia P

Grade 2

       Caring Christian – Rico M, Brenda P, and Mylah W

Grade 3

       2nd Honors – Kylen D

          Caring Christian – Kylen D and Noah I

Grade 4

          1st Honors – Felicity McW, Aylin M, Mia M, and Cristina R

          2nd Honors – Tatiana A, Jaden F, Ariane G, Merida H, and Selena N

Grade 5

       1st Honors – Benjamin L, Kosi O, Janiah P, and Katherine T

2nd Honors – Julian A, London C, Hannah H, and Jayden N

Caring Christian – London C and Olivia H

Grade 6

       1st Honors – Hayley N

          2nd Honors – Kyla McD, Veronice McW, Kierra S, Jonathan T, Isabella V, and Leilyn V

          Caring Christian – Hayley N


Grade 7

1st Honors – Nayla B, Krisvyl J, and Rith T

2nd Honors – Nahmir G, Elise J, and Genesis M

Caring Christian – Dominic S

Grade 8

          1st Honors –  Aiden H andVenice L

2nd Honors – Yancarlos A, Isabella L, Kathia M-A, Marcel M,Tracy N, and Sincere P

Caring Christian – Braylon B and Brielle C-P

Congratulations on your accomplishments. Be proud!