St. Joseph Prayer Service

Tuesday, March 19th, started with a prayer service honoring the Feast of St. Joseph. Our Sixth grade class under the guidance of Mrs. Rock, led the school in prayer and beautifully sang The Song of St. Joseph as part of the service. After the song, Sr. Alicia spoke about the Sisters of St. Joseph and their mission throughout the world. At that time, Sr. Alicia said their prayer to St. Joseph and renewed her vows. As the prayer service came to an end, Sr. Alicia was presented with flowers to celebrate the day.

We thank Mrs. Rock and the sixth grade for their hard work in preparation for today. They were outstanding!

We also thank Sr. Alicia for her dedication to her vocation as a Sister of St. Joseph. It is that dedication that permits Sister Alicia to be with our school guiding us spiritually and caring for all of us. We hope you had a fantastic day!