A Fun Spirit Day

Spirit Day was celebrated on Wednesday June 5th. Faculty and students had a fantastic day with nine different games. The weather cooperated and we got to be outside in the school yard, with plenty of room to enjoy each game. From messy room, to tug of war, stack it high then go low, basketball boulevard, obstacle course, pyramid corn hole, spaghetti and meatballs, winner winner chicken dinner, and ending of course with the school-wide blue/gold over under ball relay, faces were smiling and everyone had fun.

After we all had lunch together in the gym, the afternoon took on a special twist as each class moved up a grade to see the classroom they will be in next school year and say hello to their new teacher come September. With the class move ups, eighth grade got to move on down to the kindergarten classroom where they reminisced about their time here at St. Cecilia’s as they prepare for graduation. Quite a few memories were shared with smiles and laughter.

A great BIG THANK YOU to all parents and former students who volunteered their time to run the games, making this enjoyable day possible. All our students are very appreciative and glad you were able to spend the morning with us.

We thank Sister Alicia for a great spirit day with the water soaker.

Lastly, we thank Mrs. Rhea for putting it all together! It was a FUN DAY!