Kindergarten Closeout Day!

On Wednesday June 12th, our Kindergartners had their Close Out Day. What a celebration it was for our Super Heroes as they showed their parents just how much they learned this year. The program started with their Good Morning Song and Our Mission Statement. Everyone was impressed as the children recited The Pledge of Allegiance and prayed the Guardian Angel Prayer.

It was time for singing songs that revealed to us all how special our Kindergartners are. These songs included: On My Way, God Made Me, God is Good, the Days of the Week, the Months of the Year, Seasons of the Year, and The Goldfish (Let’s Go Swimming).

Afterwards, Mrs. Flores spoke about how much the students learned and grew this year. Then, it was time to Move Up and receive their super hero certificates from Sr. Alicia and capes from Mrs. Flores, signifying that this class is ready for First Grade come September. Sr. Alicia addressed the parents speaking about how special and kind their children are.

Congratulations to our Kindergartner Super Heroes: Evangelise B, Arlenis C E, Ethan C, Jaivious C, Carlos G-T, Azai G, Carter G, Elanie G, Gemma H, Samantha H, Ayleen L M, Jailani M, Sebastian M, Jolie N, Zelda O, Kaylani P-S, Isabella R, Aejandro S, Angelo S, David T, and Isabella V.   

Have a great summer!